• Constitutional Treatment

  • This program is the most advanced of all our services, consist of several powerful tools used with the goal of recovering your health, raise your energy level, and heal from almost any chronic disease. 

    If you have been suffering for a long time from some disease and you can't get better, or if you are a very health conscious person, this program fits you wonderful.

    This exclusive development made by our main practitioner: Fawsi J Murra is based on clinical discoveries and in the Japanese Traditional Acupuncture along with the Chinese acupuncture, he has mixed these pieces of knowledge with the teachings of the best practitioners in the world, some of them are Doctor Yoshio Manaka, Kiiko Matsumoto, Dr. Paul Noguier of France, Doctor Reinhard Voll among others. 

    This system is complemented with other treatments modalities like Herbal medicine, Structural Tui-Na (Spine alignment) Neuro-linguistic programming, According to the condition.

    Give us a call to learn more about this program.