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    "! have no idea how weird and wonderful this new sensation is... wow...I have been in pain in my whole body for more than a year without relief ... This is unique...  and without taking any stupefying drug, I'm tired of taking those" 

    This was the emotive response of one of my patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after inserting needles in a couple of points... "Before coming, I was very skeptic because I knew nothing about this Medicine; my primary doctor recommended it to me, that's why I came, and now I'm a believer" 

    Being able to see somebody changing from a state of pain to one of relief is one of the most satisfactory things in my career. And for my patient, of course, is very comforting and leaves them full of hope.

    After several years in this field and a lot of research, I have developed a unique system for treating pain with a very high effectiveness that sometimes even amazes me by results, It is very common that my patient asks the question "is this magic or what? "

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