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  • Fawsi J Murra.

    Fawsi Murra

    Licensed Acupuncturist

     Fawsi has dedicated his last 28 years to the Alternative Medicine, he practiced Chemical Engineering for some time, later he became a successful businessman, and after recovering from a very serious and painful illness he found his real passion and made it his mission to help people recover their health following the natural way. 

    He has practiced, researched, studied and developed several modalities: Homeopathy, Chiropraxy, Oriental Herbal Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Neuro-linguistic programming, among others. 

    As one of his patients stated: "He won't stop until he sees you feel better". 

    This same drive has led him to develop a unique synthesis from the different modalities of healing of which an advanced system of acupuncture is one of his achievements. The way it relieves the pain is the most impressive of all his techniques because as well as healing the cause of the pain, the result in most of the cases is almost immediate

    Fawsi teaches and gives informative speeches, and is in the process to publish a book about his developments.

    He graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has been a licensed acupuncturist from the California Board of Acupuncture since 2002. He continues updating his knowledge always trying to help his patients in the best way he can.